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Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip (Tibetan Wave - Filipino Fighting Whip) Our special style is called: Tibetan Wave. The nylon whip is wrapped with paracord and filled with steel balls. The Filipino fighting whip measures around 2.25 meters to the tip and has emerged as the ideal weapon. This type of whip is classified as short. It's very fast and easy to maneuver in any direction. The whips are specially made by my good friend Bobbi Holyoaks in Moab, Utah. In less than two years she has become one of the best nylon whip manufacturers. Our style also includes the use of the left open hand, which other eminent whip specialists do not use or foresee in their style. My foundation is based on the Chinese Kung Fu training - North & South, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Eskrima / Eskrido (Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation). All of these had a profound impact on the quality of my whip work. In the Tibetan Wave style, we control the whip with ease, elegance and power. These properties are visible manifestations of the so-called chi energy - something rare in the world of whips. You absolutely have to experience this unique combination. What are the technical aspects of the Tibetan Wave? Some of the principles contained therein are yin / yang, playfulness and the entanglement of the human mind with the whip. What is special about it is the mixing of the movement of the whip, the human body and the movements of the free hand. Train and explore the softness of the movement of the lash. Study the entire course of the whip movement and control the acceleration or deceleration of the bang. Pay attention to the position of your body to dance with the movements of the whip. Appreciate the flow and the connection between you and the whip. The whip lives as you live. Let the whip inspire you. Let them be creative! Thank you for joining us on this new adventure in the Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip group. It's an art! "Let your inner child come out and PLAY."


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Our history


It is June 2017.
We're on an unforgettable journey through Norway with Siting Ron Lew (see our Blog Post) and may experience this wonderful people in private. He also instructs us in whip fighting and we are always enthusiastic about his championship.
Slowly, we are awakened in our desire to do the same. How about we being the first martial arts center in Europe to teach Siting Ron Lew's martial arts interests. Siting Ron Lew agrees and promises to support us. This is how we came up with an idea on this unforgettable journey, that we are implementing today.


One year has passed. The first courses in Bad Segeberg and Schwerin were conducted in June this year. Siting Ron Lew taught himself. The response was great.
We have been working intensively on our website and organizing seminars since summer.


Our first complete training year. It started in January. A total of 4 weekend seminars brought us forward. It was about a lot of basic training and fun every time. It didn't matter what you can do physically. Everyone has found their way to master the whip with skill and perseverance. We are now a total of 42 more or less active participants. 7 already have the second level and 20 have the first level. I myself made the 6th level in San Francisco.

We used every opportunity to present our style. There was a taster course in the Bosau outdoor camp, Fraggle Alarm Schwerin and Waldheim training camp. This has led to new registrations and our current number.

The highlight was certainly the seminar with an exam with Sr. GM Ron Lew. He gave us new impulses to continue training until his next visit. At the end of the year we tried something completely new, a seminar on how to build a whip. That came out very well and we continued next year.

At this point, a big thank you to Claudia, who helps build and repair the whip and brings in all her knowledge to always ensure success. Thanks to Thomas, who spends many hours to keep the website up to date, to keep it up to date and to add new topics and functions. And of course thanks to Sigung Jürgen, who makes every semiar special with his creativity and teaching experience.

All I can do is thank everyone for their interest and participation, in the hope that everyone will continue to enjoy it and that we will continue to grow. By the way, we now have interested parties from Scotland and Poland and the first commitments from Saxony-Anhalt.


Hold together... but separately please

This year everything was extraordinary. It started well in February. Beginners and advanced students trained together at the first seminar. It could have been a year with many new prospects. Then followed a period of great uncertainty as to whether and to what extent we could still meet. Significantly fewer came to the seminar in June. But with a lot of fun. We had to keep our distance. We have that anyway most of the time when we practice with the whips. After that, it got quieter for the rest of the year. Seminars were no longer allowed, everything had to be canceled.

For this we have set up weekly training times in the Schwerin Kung Fu School. Claudia and Arvid in particular made intensive use of this. One of the things we started doing was hitting moving targets. A great challenge with a great fun factor.

The book about GM Ron Lew was finished just in time for his birthday and is now available from Amazon and our website. I worked on it for three years with my children Christine and Thomas. For him, a great joy in this contactless time and a sign to the world that it will always go on. The German translation will follow soon.

Since there have only been online lessons, we have been using our training time to encourage children to train or to teach adults about personality psychology in martial arts. Because if you don't keep up with the times, you keep up with the times.

At the moment and certainly also in the next year, it is important to persevere and survive with the school and the training groups. He who is strong stays when it is easy to walk. All who hold out now are VERY OK. To a sociable and training-intensive next year.


The fifth year. How time is running The editions are still extremely restrictive and do not serve to broaden our style on a large scale. A new format is being integrated into the lessons, online lessons. This increases the range extremely. It now goes to North Rhine-Westphalia. It looks strange to the neighbors when I teach in front of a big TV in the garden when the temperature is just below zero. Passion that creates suffering.

In the warmer months of the year we managed at least two seminars outside. The participation is manageable. But nothing can stop the real fans. Birgit drove an extra 7 hours from Bavaria to be there. Respect for it. Since there are no training camps throughout the year, we cannot advertise ourselves anywhere on site.

The German translation of the book on Siting Ron Lew will be ready in the spring. That revives the interest for us again. Siting Ron Lew himself advertises his book in numerous interviews with him on the Internet. He is very proud of it. The book experiences a real boost, especially at the end of the year. It can now also be ordered in printed form from Amazon (Order now from Amazon: german or english Version). Some treat themselves to such a nice Christmas present. Again, Thomas has invested a lot of effort to get everything on the way professionally. He has also completely renewed the website without it being noticed on the outside. Now we are up to date again here, with many new effects and even more appealing to join in.

In the KungFu school in Schwerin, the whip has now received a fixed lesson. We are currently training on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. The hard core has expanded. With Eve, Jana, Kristin and Cornelius, it gets pretty tight in the training room in the cold season. The ceiling is too low too. This leaves us with many shortened exercises, especially horizontal movements and wrist instead of arm movements. The fight against beer coasters has also become an integral part and the destruction rate is increasing. So the training room is always swept properly afterwards.

For next year, I hope that by the middle of the year at the latest, there will be regulations that allow stable teaching and seminars. Also, it's time we met Siting Ron Lew. After all, we have to show him what we can do by now, take exams and collect new knowledge. Incidentally, this year I was graduated from Siting Ron Lew as Head Instructor Germany. That corresponds to a Sifu title in KungFu. I've been very happy about it. It is a recognition for all of us, because we are really unique (unique, not well-behaved), at least in Germany.


If you know your goal, you will find the way

Beginning of 2022 and no improvement in sight. The contact requirements did not allow an event in one room. So we had to wait until April for the first seminar. Finally it started again. The weather was just as changeable as the last time. Out for training and back in with the next rain shower. We didn't let that deter us. There was enough to learn and we were glad that we were able to exchange ideas intensively again. From now on, Stefan is also a permanent participant. He's been building our whips for a while. This allows us to meet the demand that has arisen from new members and higher demands. Thank you for the effort, speed and good quality.

In June I was asked to organize another teaching unit at the outdoor camp. We had come up with something special. To start with, Arvid, Eve and I put on a show that showed the range of our previous skills in an entertaining way. That was very well received. Thanks to this whip lesson, we subsequently gain three new members. Our next seminar follows a few days later. This starts with a surprise for everyone. The best are graduated for their good development and extraordinary commitment. Jana and Stefan get the first level, Eve immediately reaches level 2. Claudia and Thomas get level 3 for long-term commitment. I was able to give Arvid the highest grading with level 4. I am very happy to be able to reward the diligence and constant commitment. Certainly also an incentive for everyone else to keep training.

September will be very intense again. It starts with the children's outdoor camp Fraggle in Schwerin. We teach children between the ages of 6 and 14. The result looks very promising. The best ones are allowed to demonstrate what they have learned at the end. Children and parents are very proud of what can be achieved in a short amount of time with talent and practice. Shortly after this weekend I will start my third trip to San Francisco. Those were very intensive training days again. As always, time is too short to collect even a fraction of the knowledge of Siting Ron Lew. On this visit I will focus on Escrima and Forms. A lot can be transferred to the whip seminars. We are also working on the second book, a reference book about Escrima. It will come out next year. I fly back home with a lot of motivation, lots of notes and even more thoughts. It will be a challenge to pass on all the knowledge gained. But I'll start right after I get back. This is already the last seminar this year. Arvid now supports the lessons as an official assistant. This gives me the opportunity to advance each individual more intensively.

I'm looking forward to next year, which will start with a seminar in the hall in January. Siting Ron Lew has announced that he will visit us in Germany in 2023. We have to practice hard to show everything we can do. In this respect, I am looking forward to another exciting year, which will certainly bring us a great deal forward without any disruptive conditions. We can't change the wind, but we can always set the sails differently.


Breaking new ground

The year will be more structured than the last few, as the external influences on training operations have calmed down - or so we thought. We opened the year in the hall in March. Finally, once again. Regardless of the weather, we were able to combine technical training with lots of fun and games. However, the main focus was on preparing for the test, which was to take place with a visit from SiTing Ron Lew

That's what happened in June. SiTing Ron Lew gave a few seminars during what was probably his last stay in Germany. We naturally took the opportunity to spend a whole day with him. In preparation, we had also taken care to upgrade our clothing and turned up in new pants and sweaters. SiTing Ron Lew looked at all the participants very carefully during the training and took time for everyone. After the demonstration of forms, he brought, as always, a lot of new knowledge. This also included Escrima and Carambit. In addition to the content, I also learned a lot about teaching methodology. The graduations took place at the end of the seminar. Arvid has now reached level 5. Claudia and Thomas also made a significant leap. They can now be recognized by their grey T-shirts at level 4. Almost everyone else also improved to the next level. They received their certificates directly from the hands of SiTing Ron Lew. Certainly a special moment. We ended the day with a barbecue and lots of good conversation.

A few days later, we had the chance to teach at the WHKD camp again. Claudia and Arvid supported me. We offered a cross-section of our seminar content. In addition to basic techniques, we took the time to play and fight against fixed and moving targets. Arvid showed his exam form and was very impressive. The training group of almost 20 students enthusiastically practiced all the techniques shown. As a result of these lessons, we were able to welcome new students to our next seminar. That is always worth the effort.

We met for the next seminar before the summer vacation. Despite the heat, we practiced very intensively outside. SiTing Ron Lew had given us enough suggestions so that there was plenty of content to practise. The seminar was also special in that we were able to use the kung fu school for the last time. It was closed in July for economic reasons and moved to the city. This was followed by the weeks of hard work that such a move entails. From August onwards, we continued at the new school. However, we could no longer train in the school premises. It was too loud for the neighbors. So we had to find new ways. The Heinrich Heine School across the street still offered space for whip training in the gym. However, it proved to be very difficult to book. For all those who now lived too far away, we looked for an alternative in the gym in Pampow. We still don't have approval for this.

As usual, the dates for the coming year are already set. We start in January in this newly found hall. For the first time, I have also invited young people from my classes at the kung fu school. So I'm excited to see how the year will develop. In any case, we will get back into a regular training routine. After all, we want to keep improving our levels and we are nowhere near the end. Because if you want to, you'll always find a way.

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6th Level Germany Head Instructor

Sr. Grand Master Ron Lew


11. Master degree in Cacoy Canete Doce Pares

Sigung Jürgen


6th master degree in WHKD Kung Fu and accredited instructor