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The holidays have started. Just as there are school reports, after three years it was finally time for us to appreciate the achievements. I was able to graduate everyone who has made an exceptional contribution to our sport and its development. Level 1 was reached by Stefan, who currently builds all whips and thus lays the foundation for beginners from last year to be able to practice with a high-quality weapon. Jana also received Level 1 because she diligently attends the weekly training in Schwerin and is particularly committed to all events. Level 2 was immediately awarded to Eve because she trains extremely intensively, always reliably supports all events and has already won a few new prospects for us. From level 2 to 3 it went for Claudia, who was always there from the beginning and above all took care of the construction and repair of the whips. Thomas has also increased from level 2 to 3. He was also there right from the start and has set up and managed our entire website from the first minute to the present day. The highest level was for Arvid, who made it from 2 to 4. He also trains weekly in Schwerin and stands in for me when I'm absent. He is there for all events and is always ready to try new things. After reaching level 4, he is also an assistant trainer, easily recognizable by his now gray t-shirt.

After graduation we started in bright sunshine. Good that the trees offered enough shade. Everyone started repeating at their level. Three newcomers - Rüdiger, Tim and Andreas found their way into the movements very quickly, so that we were able to learn several techniques at once. Depending on the level of knowledge, there was something new to learn for each participant. Eve, Jana and Arvid were already practicing the form. An hour went by quickly. During the break, Jana provided everyone with plenty of food. Thanks a lot for this. Anyone who wanted could watch the video of our Bosau demonstration.

Dann ging es in die Zielübungen. So konnte jeder testen, wie effektiv die gelernten Techniken umsetzbar sind. Arvid übernahm die Rolle des Werfers, da die Fortgeschrittenen sich natürlich wieder an den fliegenden Bier-Untersetzern messen wollten. Vorrangig mit Tim und Andreas konnte ich in der Zeit weiter an den ersten Techniken üben. Im ersten Teil der dritten Stunde ging es um Anwendung in der kurzen Distanz. Wir nahmen uns eine Technik vor, an der sich Grundprinzipien auch für Angriffe mit anderen Waffen ableiten ließen. Stefan unterstützte mich dabei mit seiner Erfahrung und auch von Rüdiger konnten wir zusätzlich was lernen. Ich freue mich immer, wieviel Kampfkunsterfahrung wir aus den verschiedensten Stilen mitbringen und dass jeder sein Spezialwissen einbringen kann. Auf den Bildern könnt ihr sehen, womit genau wir uns beschäftigt haben. Die letzte halbe Stunde wiederholten wir nochmal den Lernstoff vom Anfang. Die Arme waren zum Teil schon ziemlich lahm, sodass auch was mit links ausprobiert wurde.

After the four hours I saw exhausted and happy faces. It was a very well-rounded and successful seminar. Some of them had come a long way for this, like Malte from Bad Oldesloe, Tim from Lübeck, Elina from Lower Saxony. But Birgit had covered the longest distance again, almost once through Germany. Always respect for that. Many thanks also to Oskar, who trained in a very disciplined and persistent manner. Thank you everyone for your participation and see you next time. 

Teaser Bosau Show

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