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Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip Our special style is called Tibetan Wave. The nylon whip is wrapped with paracord and filled with steel balls. The filipin whip measures up to the top about 2.25 meters and has emerged as the optimal weapon. This whip type is classified as short. It is very fast and can easily be maneuvered in any direction. The whips are specially made by my good friend Bobbi Holyoaks in Moab, Utah. In less than two years, she has become one of the best nylon whip manufacturers. Our style also includes the use of the left open hand, which other major whip specialists do not use and also do not provide in their style. My foundation is based on the Chinese Kung Fu training - North & South, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Eskrima / Eskrido (Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation). All these had a profound impact on the quality of my whip work. In the Tibetan Wave style, we control the whip with ease, elegance and power. These features are visible manifestation of the so-called chi energy - something rare in the whip world. You absolutely have to experience this unique combination. What are the technical aspects of the Tibetan wave? Some of the principles contained therein are yin / yang, playfulness, and the intertwining of the human mind with the whip. The special thing is the mixing of the movement of the whip, the human body and the movements of the free hand. Train and explore the softness of the whipstring movement. Study the entire course of the whiplash movement and control the acceleration or deceleration of the blast tip. Pay attention to the position of your body to dance with the movements of the whip. Appreciate the flow and the connection between you and the whip. The whip lives as you live. Get inspired by the whip. Let her be creative! Thank you for joining us on this new adventure in the Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip group. It's an art! "Let your inner child come out and PLAY."

Sr. Grandmaster Ron Lew


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Our history


It is June 2017.
We're on an unforgettable journey through Norway with Siting Ron Lew (see our Blog Post) and may experience this wonderful people in private. He also instructs us in whip fighting and we are always enthusiastic about his championship.
Slowly, we are awakened in our desire to do the same. How about we being the first martial arts center in Europe to teach Siting Ron Lew's martial arts interests. Siting Ron Lew agrees and promises to support us. This is how we came up with an idea on this unforgettable journey, that we are implementing today.


One year has passed. The first courses in Bad Segeberg and Schwerin were conducted in June this year. Siting Ron Lew taught himself. The response was great.
Since summer we work intensively our website and the organization of seminars ..


Our first complete training year. It started in January. A total of 4 weekend seminars brought us forward. It was about a lot of basic training and fun every time. It didn't matter what you can do physically. Everyone has found their way to master the whip with skill and perseverance. We are now a total of 42 more or less active participants. 7 already have the second level and 20 have the first level. I myself made the 6th level in San Francisco.

We used every opportunity to present our style. There was a taster course in the Bosau outdoor camp, Fraggle Alarm Schwerin and Waldheim training camp. This has led to new registrations and our current number.

The highlight was certainly the seminar with an exam with Sr. GM Ron Lew. He gave us new impulses to continue training until his next visit. At the end of the year we tried something completely new, a seminar on how to build a whip. That came out very well and we continued next year.

At this point, a big thank you to Claudia, who helps build and repair the whip and brings in all her knowledge to always ensure success. Thanks to Thomas, who spends many hours to keep the website up to date, to keep it up to date and to add new topics and functions. And of course thanks to Sigung Jürgen, who makes every semiar special with his creativity and teaching experience.

All I can do is thank everyone for their interest and participation, in the hope that everyone will continue to enjoy it and that we will continue to grow. By the way, we now have interested parties from Scotland and Poland and the first commitments from Saxony-Anhalt.


Hold together... but separately please

Dieses Jahr war alles außergewöhnlich. Dabei fing es im Februar gut an. Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene trainierten gemeinsam auf dem ersten Seminar. Es hätte ein Jahr mit vielen neuen Interessenten werden können. Dann folgte eine Zeit mit viel Unsicherheit ob und in welchem Umfang wir uns noch treffen können. Zum Seminar im Juni kamen deutlich weniger. Die aber mit viel Lust und Laune. Wir mussten auf Abstand gehen. Den haben wir aber die meiste Zeit ohnehin, wenn wir mit den Peitschen üben. Danach wurde es für den Rest des Jahres stiller. Seminare waren nicht mehr erlaubt, alles musste abgesagt werden.

For this we have set up weekly training times in the Schwerin Kung Fu School. Claudia and Arvid in particular made intensive use of this. One of the things we started doing was hitting moving targets. A great challenge with a great fun factor.

Pünktlich zu GM Ron Lews Geburtstag war das Buch über ihn fertig und ist jetzt bei Amazon und auf unserer Website erhältlich. Drei Jahre habe ich mit meinen Kindern Christine und Thomas daran gearbeitet. Für ihn eine große Freude in dieser kontaktlosen Zeit und ein Zeichen an die Welt, dass es immer weitergeht. Die deutsche Übersetzung folgt demnächst.

Since lessons have only been online, we use our training time to encourage the children to train or to teach the adults personality psychology in martial arts. Because if you don't keep up with the times, time will overtake you.

Im Moment und sicher auch noch im nächsten Jahr gilt es durchzuhalten und mit der Schule und den Trainingsgruppen zu überleben. Wer stark ist, der bleibt, wenn es leicht ist, zu gehen. Alle, die jetzt durchhalten, sind SCHWER IN Ordnung. Auf ein kontaktfreudiges und trainingsintensives nächstes Jahr.

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Michael Parchmann Instructor Germany für Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip      6. Level

Sr. Grandmaster Ron Lew


Ron Lew 11th Master degree in the Cacoy Canete Doce Pares and founder of the Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip Style

Sigung Jürgen


Jürgen von Wyszecki 6th master degree in Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu and accredited instructor for Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip Style