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Life and Chi

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So many stories, so much knowledge, so many pictures and so many famous names connected to one of the best Martial Artists - Ron R. Lew. This is what you will find inside this book. It tells you a lot more than his life story.
Before he starts to talk about himself, many well-known people close to him show how he changed their lives. They are much more than prewords. You will get an impression of all his life's colours.
His life is a life of will, never ending search for the core of everything, training to be the best. Thereby he never forgets to pass his knowledge on to others. And he never forgets his family.
All of this together is not easy, but he makes it easy. That's why there are so many funny and entertaining stories. The other side of him - he never gives up and becomes stronger with every setback.
So, today, you find a man with lots of knowledge he shares with you in this book. He opens for you the world of training and teaching Gungfu, Doce Pares, Tibetan Wave and Qi Gong. And always Ch'i encloses all he is doing and how he is doing it.
Enjoy this book and take part in this journey between old stories, knowledge collected until today and further thoughts of Sr. Grandmaster Ron R. Lew.
It's easy, not simple.

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