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!NEW! The book of Sr. Grandmaster Ron R. Lew is finally available! And you can get it here!

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This is what you will get:

So many stories, so much knowledge, so many pictures and so many famous names connected to one of the best Martial Artists - Ron R. Lew. This is what you will find inside this book. It tells you a lot more than his life story.
Before he starts to talk about himself, many well-known people close to him show how he changed their lives. They are much more than prewords. You will get an impression of all his life's colours.
His life is a life of will, never ending search for the core of everything, training to be the best. Thereby he never forgets to pass his knowledge on to others. And he never forgets his family.
All of this together is not easy, but he makes it easy. That's why there are so many funny and entertaining stories. The other side of him - he never gives up and becomes stronger with every setback.
So, today, you find a man with lots of knowledge he shares with you in this book. He opens for you the world of training and teaching Gungfu, Doce Pares, Tibetan Wave and Qi Gong. And always Ch'i encloses all he is doing and how he is doing it.
Enjoy this book and take part in this journey between old stories, knowledge collected until today and further thoughts of Sr. Grandmaster Ron R. Lew.
It's easy, not simple.

Where do i find the book?

Under the topic "shop" you find our book, or just press the botton below!

And that's all, have fun reading!

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Master the exciting queen of traditional weapons

Tibetan Wave

Our special style called Tibetan Wave. The nylon-whip is wound with paracord and filled with steel balls. The filipin fighting whip measures up to the top about 2.25 meters and has emerged as the optimal weapon. This whip type is classified as short. It is very fast and can easily be maneuvered in any direction. Our style also includes the use of the left open hand, which other major whip specialists do not use and also do not provide in their style.

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What we are currently working on

Promotional video Whip Germany

Your way to perfection


Four consecutive basic courses with increasing demands on knowledge and ability

assistant instructor

Extension and application of basic knowledge, support of training


Expanded knowledge, own applications, education of students


Perfection of comprehensive knowledge, organization and dissemination of style, training of instructors

The right thing for everyone

regardless of agefrom relaxing to demanding

Performance claim individually controllableSpectrum between soft and combative

variable timingCourses and online videos

learnable without previous knowledgecoordinative skills helpful

no physical requirementsBasic fitness advantageous

entertaining and variedExchange with like-minded people

structured leadership of educationdefined courses and exams

training course


  • Introduction to Tibetan Wave
  • movements
  • whip leadership
  • exam preparation
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Original whip


  • Tibetan Wave Filipino Fighting Whip Nylon
  • Original Whip by Bobbi HolyOak, Tibetan Wave Nylons Whip Maker
  • Handmade Made in Moab, Utah USA
  • tested and aproved by GM Siting Ron Lew
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  • Official training t-shirt for the Tibetan Wave Style
  • available in sizes S M L XL
  • Branded on the front and back
  • for Assistant Instructor in gray and Instructor in black
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You are looking for a sport

for body control and relaxation

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The best by far

... what we could do with this day. Sifu Jürgen logged off with a broken knee and some commitments were no longer due to various reasons. And this at a time that does not exactly make sporting cooperation easier. The...

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With a bang into the new year

The year 2020 is now one month old: time for a new whip seminar in Schwerin. On February 1st, 2020, new whip apprentices met Michael and Sigung Jürgen to get to know the whip. In addition to two advanced students and four middle students, ...

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The longest way is worth it - learn to build a whip

On Sunday, November 24th I started from Kiel on the 2-hour trip to the KungFu school in Schwerin. Since I had the longest journey and wanted to be as punctual as possible, I was there half an hour before the seminar started. Fortunately, Claudia (our whip-building luminary) was ...

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