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Sunday afternoon. I'm on my way to Elmshorn through the middle of the marathon event in Hamburg. After almost three hours, I arrive just in time. Jamil has invited me to a whip lesson as part of his training course. The idea came about last year when I had organized a trial lesson there with Siting Ron Lew. Everyone was enthusiastic about the whip and wanted a repeat. This has now happened.

Although the students already had a full day of lessons behind them, they were all interested in this special end to the seminar. Of course, we started by bringing the whip to life. I immediately noticed that there were some talented people here who were already used to handling weapons. This basic understanding of movement and handling helped us to progress unusually quickly.

After a short breather, we immediately tried out what these techniques could do with the whip. We really got down to business against fixed and moving targets. I could feel that we were having fun, there was no sign of exhaustion from the day. Everyone was very ambitious and Jamil cheered them on throughout.

In the last part, we looked at close-range whip fighting. After briefly trying out how to curl the whip, we moved on to situations that occur in self-defense. Although everyone is an experienced martial artist, I felt I had something extra to teach. Everyone continued to train with great enthusiasm. So two hours flew by.

I had the impression that enthusiasm for the whip had increased significantly as a result of this seminar. My information sheets about our structure and organization were completely sold out. Jamil is already planning to continue the seminars as a valuable addition to his school. I am delighted with this response. It was definitely worth the effort.

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