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It's never too early to start

We have been working towards this day for a year. It all started with a short whip for children, which Siting Ron demonstrated during his visit last year. We were immediately impressed and Claudia took exact measurements. The idea was born immediately. One day there will be a seminar with children. Until then, we needed exactly these short whips. So Claudia gradually built 4 of them, one more beautiful than the other.

For the first time, children from our Kung Fu school were able to attend this seminar with their parents. The demand was surprisingly high. With a total of 18 participants, we reached our limits in the hall. The children trained in the stands of the hall. This meant they were well shielded and at eye level with the adults. At 8 years old, Tim is now the youngest member of the whip tamer family. Of course, the parents all joined in, so there were a lot of us who were getting to know the whip for the first time.

I took care of all the beginners first and the successes were not long in coming. Antje and Christian in particular proved to be very talented. Arvid started with all the advanced students. They went through the previous program so that everyone could find the point where they could continue learning. The level of individual members is already very high, as Eve and Tim showed time and again. Everyone struggled through the first lesson and then enjoyed the short break.

At the start of the second lesson, everyone who had just started was able to test whether what they had learned actually worked. Children and adults tried to hit a fixed target with the technique they had just learned. Nils in particular made a real effort here. He had traveled all the way from Itzehoe. Noemi also worked very hard to be successful straight away. While the children continued to practise their aim, Arvid learned more moves with the adults. I dedicated myself to the advanced students. Lenart and Pietro learned more movements from our program, which will be combined into the final form. With Claudia, Eve and Tim, we transferred elements of nunchaku handling to the whip. There were some parallels that we discovered and put into practice.

In the last section, we first fought balloons. It was always a challenge to hit them correctly and, in the best case scenario, break them. Everyone was eager to take part, especially the children. Sarah, Matti, Bennet and Tim showed great stamina. For the adults, there was, as always, an excursion into self-defense. Here, too, I sensed a great deal of interest from everyone in taking something away with them. The basic idea is to protect yourself effectively with simple movements. Whether Anastasia or Christian, everyone found a suitable movement pattern for themselves. After four hours, we were well and truly done and full of new impressions. It was just a shame about the beautiful weather that day. But we'll definitely be outside next time.

All in all, it was a successful premiere with the children. We will continue and expand on this. Of course, all adults, both beginners and advanced players, are always welcome and an integral part of our group. I am always delighted that the number of new members is never-ending, whether they come from school or from further afield via the internet. Many thanks to everyone who attended and see you next time, the planning is already underway for the end of June/beginning of July.

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