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Recruitment of young talent

Snow and ice almost prevented the seminar, which had already been postponed. But we were all there on time. Some had canceled at short notice due to illness and travel, but at least ten of us made it. Among them were young people from our kung fu school, who I had invited for the first time. So we were able to welcome Felix and Lennart. Simon has been there before.

For the first time, we were in the gymnasium of the Heinrich Heine School, directly opposite our new Kung Fu school location. A very nice, somewhat venerable hall, but still big enough. Uschi, who normally trains in Tai Chi, decided within minutes to join us. We split into two groups. The newcomers learned the first basic movements from me. Arvid went through the previous knowledge with the advanced students.

All the new snake tamers got down to business with great enthusiasm. Each in a very different way. Felix was extremely motivated. Lennart took the challenge more calmly, but impressed with his quick grasp and skill. Simon took a more analytical approach to the handling, also with clear success. With Uschi, it was immediately apparent that tai chi helps to understand movement sequences and use the body holistically.

After an hour and the first break, I swapped places with Arvid. He continued the lesson with the youngsters. With me, each of the advanced students could continue where they were with their knowledge. I repeated the form with Jana and Stefan and consolidated the sequences. Sebastian continued to work on the individual techniques. Claudia transferred the movements of the chain, also known as the steel whip, to our whip. Essentially, all the elements of the form can be adopted.

Then it was half time. Everyone used this lunch break to catch their breath. And we needed it straight away. First we had to blow up balloons. They then hung across the hall. The hunt was on. Everyone wanted to pop their balloon, of course. It was quite a job, because we had hung up about twenty balloons. Of course, it wasn't over until they were all destroyed. Fun and ambition went hand in hand.

As if that wasn't enough, everyone was allowed to try their hand at the flying coasters again in the last part. Thanks to Luisa's efforts, we have plenty at the moment. And that was a good thing, because we shredded a whole series of them again. Here, too, we fought for every hit with great dedication and commitment.

After four hours that had passed far too quickly, the time was up again and my arms were lame. I didn't manage to teach everything I had planned. That leaves something for next time. That's planned for April. Probably in the hall again. It works well and doesn't depend on the weather. I'm pleased that we've been able to attract new talent. Maybe there will be more of them next time. I had a lot of fun again. I can't believe we're now in our seventh year of training.

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