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Hot parkour

The thirty-degree heat didn't stop us from going through with our seminar. Although there were cancellations at short notice, everyone present was highly motivated. Claudia and Thomas wore a gray T-shirt for the first time. A sign of how great our group has developed. After Noer, now really on board, we took Anka into our midst. It's hard to believe she's never been there. Another talent has discovered itself.

As usual, the first part was reserved for the basic techniques. Everyone could start at their level of knowledge. Then everyone worked out something new for themselves. Jana, Eve and Cornelius went through the steps of the form. Cornelius switched to his right hand at the same time. Eve learned whip moves beyond form. Thomas was already trying out new movements, which I then had to imitate. Arvid took care of Anka, who learned the first basic movements very quickly. Louisa and Malte dealt with the next movements of the form. They are always busy. Claudia still had to train while sitting. She now has three short whips. If she continues to build like this, we can soon start a children's course. They're eagerly awaiting it.

During the break there was, almost traditionally, a rich buffet with cherries, pizza and whatever else was brought along. Refreshed, we moved on to the next topic. We looked again at the five variants of defending against attacks. For the Escrima connoisseurs there was already familiar content. Of course, the topic can also be easily transferred to KungFu training. Then we practiced cutting the whip again in order to switch from the long to the short distance as smoothly as possible. That would be important later. Despite the advanced time, there was still a break. The heat required fitness.

In the last part we packed up the content of the previous lesson. There was a parkour. It was a mixture of opponents and the racks for target practice. When overcoming the distance, you always had to switch between long distances - hitting targets and short distances - fending off opponents. There were a lot of fight scenes that were a lot of fun. Everyone could try two rounds. At the end it was still necessary to hit the flying coasters. It is still a training part with a high fun factor. By the way, Louisa's mother provided us with supplies. Many thanks for that. We really appreciate this support.

In the end, the sun had demanded everything from us. We were really exhausted after four hours. You all fought with full commitment. Thanks a lot for this. Was great fun again. We definitely have a seminar this year. First of all we have to organize something due to the move of the KungFu School Schwerin. Then it can continue seamlessly. We'll probably go back into the hall at the next seminar, since the weather could be very unstable from mid-September and we can no longer get into the KungFu school in Schwerin-Süd. So see you soon with the next sequel.

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